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Alex Strange
Alex Strange


Hi I’m Alex and I’m an Illustrator based in London. I create colourful illustrations.

adobe after effects, adobe creative cloud, adobe illustrator, affinity, animation, childrens, design, editorial design, ui, ux, video games

  1. Mahi Mahi dorado fishes fishing sea ocean tropical fish green illustration
  2. Porg fan art illustraion vector star wars day wildlife bird porg star wars
  3. Catbug catbug bravest warriors pet pets fanart purple blue vector illustration vector cute bug cat
  4. Mangrove Tree WIP leaves vector green texture jungle wild nature swamp wip tree mangrove
  5. Siamese fighting fish vector illustrator wildlife ocean sea underwater fish fishes aquarium illustration
  6. Flying fish water wildlife nature animal green blue bird vector illustraion ocean sea flying fish
  7. Yellowfin Tuna icon sealife tuna vivid colorful childrens illustration fish illustration editorial
  8. Sailfish character vibrant fishing sailing fish blue vector illustration
  9. Ren & Huxy general hux kylo ren character parody illustration ren and stimpy star wars star wars day
  10. Brontosaurus vector brontosaurus green yellow children book illustration cute dinosaur dinosaurs dino
  11. Ukulele Bear illustration cute green fire childrens camping bear ukulele scout
  12. Jack White jack white boarding house reach band solo music illustration vector portrait white stripes
  13. Manipulate your dreams editorial monochrome blue sleep clouds dreams lucid
  14. Dino-see-saur illustration vector colours playground children swing dinosaur dino
  15. Liam #1 portraiture portrait as you were wall of glass oasis noel liam liam gallagher
  16. Noel supersonic wonderwall portraiture music gallagher liam noel gallagher oasis
  17. Napoleon Fish aquarium mare sea ocean green napoleon colour vector nature fish
  18. London Repeat pattern london eye bus cityscape red london taxi
  19. Shake-it earth workout gym vector colour retro vhs purple environment poster illustration
  20. Sad Landscape 2d flat video game vector city illustration cat sad
  21. Underwater Jungle animals landscape game 2d colour vivid illustration vector tropical island greece octopus
  22. Paul editorial illustration portraiture portrait beatles paul mccartney
  23. Poker Face illustration liar magazine news editorial gambling poker machine robots ai
  24. Bowie mars stardust ziggy lightning bolt portraiture portrait bowie david
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